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Windows and doors are an essential part of energy loss, averaging 20 to 30%!

Check for drafts around your windows and doors. If you have drafts this is a big drain on the energy efficiency of your property.  Drafts add up to real dollars. Your new windows and doors could end up saving you significant amounts of money on heating and cooling costs. As well as drive customers into your place of business.

Your health, your family's health and/or employees health can also be affected by windows and doors that do not function properly. They can cause unsightly and unhealthy moulds. Improving this can correct or reduce risks to serious long term health impacts.

With new windows and doors you can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and increase your investment.   For  a place of business curb appeal is the first impression for your customer which is as important than the energy saving aspect.

What makes us different at United Glass Services?  It's our installation.  Being a company that handles Commercial, Industrial and Residential glass projects, we take the best of each application as they are typically handled differently and provide all of our customers with a product of superior installation. We invite you to our slideshow to see some of our projects!

Custom Glass Railing System

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Glass Boardroom

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Automatic Door Entrance

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